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Welcome to My Website!


  Hello! I am artist Michael Williams and I thank you for taking time to view what I've got for you. I welcome you to a website that has the most diverse art medium, ever! Here you will find that works like these are far different than the normal wall art you can find these days. Sure paintings are cool and Photography is neat but why not put something on your wall that has literal depth, multiple focal points, and of course, a whole new style that's never been seen before. Every piece is original but yet sometimes a few people want what has already sold. Good news, I can recreate a version of the same size, color, pattern of that particular piece. Though each piece will never be exactly same, but who would want that? Originality is the driving force of an artist's work and art lovers thrive on it. And yes my art is spewing with originality. With that, ever piece I start, I see a whole new concept with every brush stroke and throw of a hammer. Believe me when I say my work is becoming more refined as time shows. I surprise myself sometimes and I'm my own worst critic!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


Please view all the pieces within this site because some might not rock your visual stimulator but there are many variations, so looking at them all you might chance seeing one that makes you jump and say, "Hey now...... that, that I've gotta have." Some are even decent enough to design particular textiles, furniture, and interiors around. I've seen it done. Now don't forget, this art sits or hangs perfectly outside as well. Right off your porch, deck, arbor, garage wall, entry way. Anywhere. Now maybe one, or some of these pieces give you ideas but not to your exact specifications. Well good news, i can do specific dimensions, color scheme, and what application of nails and other metals. Please inform me of what you would like and I will have your commissionsed art done within a reasonable time frame. Otherwise check out my gallery and other things going on on this website and let's get you some nail art!